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The Alberta Johne’s Disease Initiative offers a voluntary Johne’s Disease Herd Status (JDHS) Program for dairy herds with a low prevalence of animals infected with Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). Owners of these herds may wish to advance beyond the control and management of Johne’s disease offered through an annual Risk Assessment and Management Plan and demonstrate the low prevalence of MAP in their herds for marketing or other purposes.

Producers wanting to participate in JDHS should arrange with their eligible herd veterinarian, who will in turn notify the Program Coordinator. A Johne’s Disease Risk Assessment must have been completed within the past 14 months for the herd in question and the Johne’s Disease Management Plan implemented.

To view a flow chart illustrating requirements to achieve each of the four JDHS status levels, click here.

A complete description of the AJDI Herd Status Program is available here.

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Dairy herds that have been certified for achieving specific AJDI status levels are listed here.

An application to enroll in the AJDI Herd Status Program is available here.